Support tailored to your needs


These could be what you will gain from working with me:

I have clarity about my next professional and personal steps.

I have confidence in my ability to achieve my goals.

I know what I truly need and can ask for it.

I feel heard and recognized and valued by my colleagues.

I know how to better manage my sensitivity at work.

I know my zone of genius and am well aware of my strenghts.

I am clear about my values, what I really want and what I no longer want to accept.

I have understood what holds me back and how I can manage my fears and self-critic.

I am confident in my ability to create my life on my own terms while treating other fairly.





For maximum results, I offer a support between 3 and 6 months.

Where ? We meet online, on Zoom.



“I have found the experience of being coached by Isabelle extremely positive. I have been able to develop a better understanding of my impact not only at work but also on a personal level. Isabelle was a great source of motivation and guidance, she offered practical suggestions and new approaches that will enable me to continue to improve and learn more. Isabelle was insightful and created a safe place for reflection.”


Marketing Manager

“Isabelle coached me to highlight my strengths and what I professionally really wanted. Finally, she helped me prepare a recruitment interview, which successfully led to a new position and life in my home region, where I dreamed of coming back.”

Communication Manager

“Isabelle is an insightful and caring coach with a great balance of providing support and challenging when it’s needed. She is authentic, fully dedicated to a person and genuinely wants that her client finds the right way for himself/herself. Her sessions are full of encouragement and positive feedback, and she is very successful in creating an atmosphere of trust and openness.”

Human Resources Director

“I always feel so empowered with you! Thanks to you, I could be aware of who I am and feel comfortable with it”

Strategic Project Manager

“I particularly appreciated the authenticity of our exchanges and Isabelle’s ability to dig into sometimes confronting subjects.”


Professional certified coach

“Isabelle is an excellent coach. She challenged me a lot and helped me to move forward in my personal development. I can highly recommend her!”

Excecutive Consultant and Coach


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